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About employee
izv. prof. dr. sc. Marijana Serdar
Title:associate professor
Location: Kranjčevićeva 2, soba 312
Public phone number:01/4690-853
Internal phone number:853
E-mail: E-mail
Department: Materials
Graduation year:2005
PhD graduation year:2011





Marijana Serdar works as Assistant Professor at the Department of Materials. She has participated in national scientific and technological projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia, the National Science Foundation, the Unity through Knowledge Fund (UKF), the Bicro Agency and in the application and implementation of a number of international projects in COST, LIFE, FP6, FP7, CIP Eco-Innovation. She was coordinator of project "The composition of corrosion products on corrosion resistant concrete reinforcement", financed by Unity Through Knowledge Fund, Croatia, within which she spent 6 months as visiting researcher at the University of California, Berkeley. In 2014, she coordinated project "Phenomenological modelling of carbonation-induced corrosion of radioactive waste disposal structures", PHENEMICS, financed by Marie-Curie COFUND NEWFELPRO, within which she worked as postdoctoral researcher for 2 years in the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), Saclay. Her main field of research interest is design, testing and application of more durable and sustainable construction materials and development of design approaches for more durable structures. In 2015 she recieved annual award for young scientist “Vera Johanides “ from Croatian Academy of Engineering.

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List of select publications

Selected publications:

  1. Serdar, Marijana; Biljecki, Ivan; Bjegović, Dubravka High-Performance Concrete Incorporating Locally Available Industrial By-Products // Journal of materials in civil engineering, 29 (2017), 3;. doi:10.1061/(ASCE)MT.1943-5533.0001773

  2. Vouk, Dražen; Serdar, Marijana; Nakić, Domagoj; Anić-Vučinić, Aleksandra Use of sludge generated at WWTP in the production of cement mortar and concrete // Građevinar : časopis Hrvatskog saveza građevinskih inženjera, 68 (2016) 199-210.

  3. Bjegović, Dubravka; Serdar, Marijana; Baričević, Ana; Jelčić Rukavina, Marija Condition assessment of concrete pier after three decades of exposure to sea water // Građevinar: časopis Hrvatskog saveza građevinskih inženjera, 67 (2015), 12; 1155-1164.

  4. Serdar, Marijana; Baričević, Ana; Jelčić Rukavina, Marija; Pezer, Martina; Bjegović, Dubravka; Štirmer, Nina Shrinkage Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Recycled Tyre Polymer Fibres // International Journal of Polymer Science, 2015 (2015) 145918-1.

  5. Valek Žulj, Lidija; Serdar, Marijana; Martinez, Sanja Effect of tartrate on the electrochemical behaviour and semiconductive properties of passive film on steel in saturated calcium hydroxide // Materials and corrosion, 66 (2015), 11; 1344-1353.

  6. Serdar, Marijana; Meral, Cagla; Kunz, Martin; Bjegović, Dubravka; Wenk, Hans-Rudolf; Monteiro, Paulo J.M. Spatial distribution of crystalline corrosion products formed during corrosion of stainless steel in concrete // Cement and concrete research, 71 (2015) 93-105.

  7. Serdar, Marijana; Baričević, Ana; Bjegović, Dubravka; Lakušić, Stjepan Possibilities of use of products from waste tyre recycling in concrete industry // Journal of Applied Engineering Science, 12 (2014), 1; 89-93.

  8. Itty, Pierre-Adrien; Serdar, Marijana; Meral, Cagla; Parkinson, Dula; MacDowell, Alastair A; Bjegovic, Dubravka; Monteiro, Paulo J.M. In-situ 3D monitoring of corrosion on carbon steel and ferritic stainless steel embedded in cement paste // Corrosion science, 83 (2014) 409-418.

  9. Serdar, Marijana; Valek Žulj, Lidija; Bjegović, Dubravka Long-term corrosion behaviour of stainless reinforcing steel in mortar exposed to chloride environment // Corrosion science, 69 (2013) 149-157.

  10. Bjegović, Dubravka; Serdar, Marijana; Stipanović Oslaković, Irina; Gulikers, Joost Local detailed inspection methods to determine concrete properties on structures // Materials and corrosion, 64 (2013), 2; 135-140.

  11. Raupach, Michael; Reichling, Kenji; Broomfield, John; Gulikers, Joost; Schneck, Urlich; Serdar, Marijana; Pepenar, Ioan Inspection strategies for reinforcement corrosion surveys // Materials and corrosion, 64 (2013), 2; 111-115.

Professional memberships


  • TO 504 Corrosion of metals
  • Croatian Society for Protection of Materials, HDZaMa


  • RILEM TC 230 PSC „Performance-based specifications and control of concrete durability“
  • fib TG 8.10 „Performance-based specifications for concrete“
  • European Federation of Corrosion EFC WP 11 "Evaluation and planning of Corrosion Surveys and monitoring of corrosion of steel in concrete”
  • National expert in the European Committee for Standardization, work group CEN TC219 WG2
List of select projects


  1. In-situ 3D monitoring in real time cracking of concrete based on sustainable binders (IMCRAC), bilateral cooperation with Ecole normale supérieure Paris-Saclay (ENS Cachan), Cogito program, 2017
  2. COST Action TU1404 Towards the next generation of standards for service life of cementbased materials and structures, role: WG1 leader, MC member
  3. Phenomenological Modelling of Carbonation-Induced Corrosion of Radioactive Waste Disposal Structures, PHENEMICS, project funded by NEWFELPRO Marie Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2011-COFUND program, role: project manager
  4. Reuse of sewage sludge in concrete industry - from microstructure to innovative construction products, RESCUE, national project funded by Croatian Science Foundation, role: participant
  5. Innovative Reuse of All Tyre Components in Concrete ANAGENNISI, EU funding under FP7-ENV-2013 programme, collaborative project, role: participant
  6. Tomorrow’s road Infrastructure monitoring & management TRIMM, EU funding under FP7 programme, collaborative project, role: in-house consultant for IGH Croatia
  7. Rubberized concrete noise barriers, RUCONBAR, CIP Eco-Innovation, EU funding, started 2011
  8. Corrosion propagation and crack pattern of sustainable reinforced concrete systems: new steels, and green concretes, accepted for research at Advance Light Source synchrotron, Berkeley, California, 2012,
  9. Assessment and rehabilitation of Central European highway structures, ARCHES, FP6 STREP programme, EU funding, 2006 – 2009,
  10. COST 534 New materials and systems for prestressed structures, COST, EU funding, 2006 – 2008
  11. Development of sustainable construction and demolition waste management system for Croatia, CONWAS, LIFE Third Countries, EU funding, from 2006 – 2008


  1. 2007 – 2012 „Development of new materials and systems for protection of reinforced concrete structures“
  2. 2006 – 2007 TABKIMO – “Durability of reinforced concrete structures exposed to aggressive marine environment”
  3. 2006 - 2007 “Durability modeling of building materials and element”


  1. The composition of corrosion products on corrosion resistant concrete reinforcement, UKF 2A Gaining Experience Grant, 2010.