Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost

The main objective of this project is to comprehend, gather and compare different state-of-the-art principles of the design and seismic behavior of structures. Novel type of structures with the focus on timber structures will be analyzed. The project leader and partners will work on the seismic response of multi-storey timber buildings. The primary focus will be on CLT buildings, however also on glue laminated timber frames and light timber frames (the latter up to six stories). The influence of connections in such buildings and their overall response will be examined. Project leader has vast experience in glued-in steel rods, he will introduce their influence and demonstrate their use in global building models. The results will also be compared to a new type of elasto-plastic adhesive for glued-in rods which was recently tested within a project at the InnoRenew Coe. The comparison will mostly be focused on energy dissipation and maximum pull-out displacement different adhesives can offer.

As the mid-rise and high-rise timber buildings are rising worldwide on a daily level, there is a huge potential for use of this novel materials in Croatia. Significance of the project is in developing the guidelines for structural engineers in Croatia who will consequently have better knowledge for a design of timber structures. New technology and guidelines will be introduced at the annual meetings of Croatian Society of Engineers and at the several other conferences. Huge potential of CLT buildings will be also presented to the decision makers in public and touristic sector. Knowledge and experience of Slovenian partners is crucial for implementation of the project results.